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Tokyo Babylon Icontest & Lyrical Challenge

a Tokyo Babylon icon challenge

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Maintainer: sui
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Welcome to tb_icontest, an icontest/lyrical challenge for Tokyo Babylon, founded and maintained by sui. In order to participate, you must join the community, however only the banner makers and moderator are allowed posting access. This is a weekly themed contest for the series Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP.


This is an icontest aimed at being challenged and improving your skills while having fun. It's not a matter of life or death if you win or lose. Please be courteous and a good sport.

Every week there will be a new challenge posted up. I'm going to try to be creative and open-ended with them, and it's up for you to interpret it yourself. There will also be two optional sub-challenges that will serve as possible prompts. These will generally include a song/verse sub-challenge, where a song or poem is posted of which you must include three consecutive words; and an image challenge, where basically you just use the image provided.

You must use at least three consecutive words from the lyrics. This icontest serves as both a regular icontest and a lyrical challenge.

1. You may submit one icon for each theme unless otherwise stated.
2. Art used must be official, either from the manga, the artbooks, or the OVA/anime. Using images of Tokyo Babylon characters in X is acceptable as long as they portray the Tokyo Babylon version of the character. For instance X!Subaru in his trenchcoat will not be accepted, but Hokuto in the Kakyou side story is. Other X characters that do not appear in Tokyo Babylon will not be accepted. This is an icontest for Tokyo Babylon, not X.
3. Work submitted MUST be your own, otherwise it will be disqualified. Also, using icon tutorials step-by-step just to imitate another person's style exactly is discouraged, but will not necessarily result in disqualification.
4. The icon should be original and made for the sole purpose of the challenge. It cannot be publically displayed until after the contest is over.
5. Cheating (pressuring others to vote for you, etc., you know the deal) will result in disqualification. Don't feel pressured to vote for your friends' icons; vote for which ones you personally think are the best. Best way to prevent this? Don't tell your friends/anyone which icon is yours. This seems a bit obvious since this is an anonymous icontest, but it's here for clarification.
6. All icons must be usable for LiveJournal; 100x100 (unless otherwise stated), maximum 40kb, gif/png/jpeg.
7. Credit all resources when applicable.
8. Have fun! ^^

As of now I'm not exactly sure of my schedule for the school year, but challenges will be posted at the end of each week, and voting will begin the following weekend. Specific times will be put in the post.


There must be at least five icons submitted to continue with a contest. If there are not that many, the contest may be granted an extension.

Please upload to a server that allows direct linking (i.e., Photobucket) and submit in the following format:

Seishirou, Subaru, Hokuto


All those who have joined the community may vote even if they have not submitted an icon for the challenge.

Do not vote for yourself, create multiple accounts to get more votes, or pressure others to vote for you. Be fair, otherwise you may be disqualified or banned. Also do not vote for an icon more than once.

First place gets three points, second gets two points, and third gets one point. All votes are restricted to the moderator's view.

These are the categories:

Best Overall: First, Second, & Third Place
~ Free-For-All Subcategory
~ Lyrical/Verse Subcategory
~ Image Subcategory
Special Category

The Free-For-All, Lyrical/Verse, and Image subcategories all correspond to the optional sub-challenges; if an icon does not use the inspiration of a sub-challenge, it goes into Free-For-All; and the other two correspond to their own sub-challenges. For now, as the icontest is still a bit small, these three subcategories may not even be included in voting until the number of entries is substantial.

The last category is the Special Category, whichever is decided that week. For instance Best Interpretation, Best Coloring, etc. Each vote gets one point, and the icon with the majority of the votes will win for that category. There is also a Mod's Choice category which is decided, of course, by me. :)





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